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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Dentonic Dentists for the Kids

DENTONIC is medication which is able to facilitate youngsters to urge Teeth simply With Mimimum Pain and discomfort.  Dentonic Brands is one in all the foremost renowned Dental Product. it had been antecedently renowned of iys Dentonic tooth powder however its tooth paste is additionally terribly renowned. it is an entire pacage wich whitens teeth and protects teeth and gums from decay and microorganism.

it is MFP halide and Ca MD whivh area unit the supply of strengh and protection against cavity for teeth. advantages of Dentonic Tooth paste: * It offers painless dentition for youths * Protects teeth from microorganism and gems * twin action formula with MFP halide and Ca MD * It additionally contains cleanup agent for teeth and gums * it\'s terribly effective against cavity and decay Storage instruction: detain dry and funky place

Dentonic dentifrice with twin action whitens your teeth and protects from microorganism, decay and cavity. The MFP halide helps strengthen teeth and effectively protects against cavity. It contains clinically verified anti  microorganism agent TRICLOSAN for healthier gums and teeth. Dentonic Contains light cleanup agents. Its Mint Flavor provides customers a recent breath and a assured smile.

We received appreciation decision, fax messages, emails and letters from all a part of country. The customers appreciate the efforts of Ala chemicals in maintaing the standard of the merchandise. it's been discovered, that the

Dentonic is that the a part of the baggage of each travelers.

Dentonic Plant is located within the heart of the commercial space of the country. The clean and natural atmosphere additionally highlights our core values of environmental friendly approach.

Ingradients :

3 - Pills at a Time three Times each day

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